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Value can be added via Credit-card or Bitcoin, to your own account, so you can purchase these photosets at any time

1 Update 21 April
2 Updates 19 August
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This process allows you to add value in $ to your own SILVER-ARCHIVE account, to pay for Photosets from this website.
This 'MANUAL' system can take from 20 min to 20 hrs, but we will complete the transfer as quick as possible.

To allow for daily changes in Bitcoin price, we will now quote EACH ORDER on the MARKET RATE OF THAT DAY

Step 1 - Send an email to using your personal account email. Include the $ value you wish to add to your account, in multiples of $12.

Step 2  - We will send you an email with the Bitcoin value required and the Bitcoin address to send it to. This address may change for security, so only use the address sent.

Step 3  -  You send the Bitcoin value to the provided Bitcoin address and return the email we sent, to confirm the transaction.

Step 4  -  We check your details & incoming Bitcoin payment & credit your account with the correct $value

Step 5  -  We send a return email to you confirm the completed Bitcoin transfer and the adding of the $s value to your account.

Step 6  -  you can then use the $s value in your account, anytime, to pay for your Model-Works Photosets

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and excluded from purchasing from this and all other associated websites. Any existing personal account credits will be forfeit, and all orders cancelled of the purchaser of the actual set traded.